Personalized Muay Thai Training

Through a Program and Lesson Plans curated by an experienced Professional Muay Thai Fighter, you will acquire a Fundamental / Intermediate / Advanced understanding and skillset of Muay Thai, individualized to suit your goals and learning needs.

Jeremy is also a certified Personal Trainer, and will complement your training program with Functional Strength & Conditioning exercises to cater to your Fitness Goals.

Why Personal Training for Muay Thai?

"Jeremy is an excellent trainer and coach! He is patient yet firm and always pushes you to better yourself. I've been training with him for over 2 years now and absolutely recommend him to anyone interested in Muay Thai. It doesn't matter what your fitness level or if you have any Muay Thai experience. Jeremy will tailor his sessions for you and guide you both technically and physically. He makes each session super fun all the while making you sweat it out. I started training once a week and now train three times weekly. Thanks for getting me hooked to Muay Thai, Jeremy!”

Charu Srivastava


Personal Training



Personal training session



2 Pax

We also have Exclusive Packages for those willing to commit to training long-term or more frequently. Do enquire to find out more about this!

Outcall Services (to your residence) are also available at an additional $20 charge. 

Enjoy your trial session at 50% off

Muay Thai Training

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