"Jeremy is an excellent trainer and coach! He is patient yet firm and always pushes you to better yourself. I've been training with him for over 2 years now and absolutely recommend him to anyone interested in Muay Thai. It doesn't matter what your fitness level or if you have any Muay Thai experience. Jeremy will tailor his sessions for you and guide you both technically and physically. He makes each session super fun all the while making you sweat it out. I started training once a week and now train three times weekly. Thanks for getting me hooked to Muay Thai, Jeremy!”

“Truly one of the best Muay Thai coaches in Singapore. Jeremy puts in so much time and attention into the micro details of the fine art. Every punch, every kick, every drill and every move will be observed carefully and mistakes will be corrected as soon as possible. A huge plus point is Jeremy's ability to explain clearly the technique breakdowns and concepts of application. Jeremy also goes the extra mile to understand how he can really help you achieve your personal goals. That in itself is a rare trait by itself. Jeremy absolutely deserves all the referrals he can get. Do not lose this great opportunity to learn from one of the best. Big Man with a Bigger Heart 👍”

“Constantin has been training with Coach Jeremy for almost 1 and a half years now, and I believe he is one of the most experienced & committed coaches around. My son really enjoys the variety & challenges he put into the one-on-one sessions with him. Coach Jeremy is focused on making every session challenging (& somehow fun) especially with younger kids, where they tend to lose focus after a while. But thanks to Coach Jeremy , Constantin always looks forward to his weekly Saturday Muay Thai session. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone who’s interested in Muay Thai and trust he or she wld enjoy the training with Jeremy. Keep up the good work!”

"We chanced upon Coach Jeremy's Instagram page early this year and the girls have been going for weekly Muay Thai classes since. Coach Jeremy is very patient and never fails to introduce new moves and games to keep every session fresh. One thing I really like is the pep talk at the end of every session. It’s a good reminder that they need to use their skill as a self defence and not a means to attack someone. Thank you Coach Jeremy for setting a good example for the girls and showing them that girls can Muay Thai too!

“I hate cardio and yet I find myself looking forward to each training session with Jeremy - solid proof of his professionalism by working WITH you to make exercise work FOR you! Whether your goal is to become a pro muay thai fighter, or just to eat more (legit reason!), Jeremy will cater your programme to meet your goals. I've been training with him for just over a year and have seen my form, strength and stamina improve so much!”

“Jeremy has three qualities that make him excel in what he does - dedication, passion and acute knowledge. He will bring tangible positive change to your overall health and physical well being. Guaranteed.”

“A coach is a great individual that understands, accesses and develops your strengths in your respective art. I can assure that Jeremy Jude is definitely one individual that delivers that approach in the art of Muay Thai. Every session is drafted and tailored well to cater my learning needs. Jeremy's coaching style and experiences in the ring has also made me appreciate Muay Thai and its aspects.”

"Jeremy has a unique ability of being able to work with adults and kids at the same time. He is kind and patient yet able to push and cater to our individual needs. My 9 year old daughter and I have had weekly Muay Thai sessions with him for the last 6 months and we both love it. Not only is it an enjoyable and good workout session, it helps create a special bond between parent and child and gives my daughter the tools and confidence to protect herself.”

"I have a 30-year history training in muay thai, and I still love it! Since moving to Singapore 4 years ago I have kept up the training and worked with several instructors. I met Jeremy 18 months ago and have haven’t looked back He quickly identified my skill and fitness levels and adjusted our training sessions accordingly. I train with Jeremy one-on-one and every session is well planned, focused and on-target. He runs to time and gives 100% attention and commitment. Jeremy is a great trainer, with an impressive skill set, and he knows how to teach. He’s an ex-pro fighter so he knows what works and has already put it to the test. You can’t ask for more than that. Whether you are new to muay thai or have years of experience, I guarantee that you will learn and continue to improve no matter your skill level. Thanks Jeremy!"

"Who says that you need to be sporty or in the “right” physique to learn martial arts? Who says that a female in her 30’s can’t learn Muay Thai? Everyone is puzzled on why do I start learning Muay Thai? They said that I should learn something more feminine . Well, I choose Muay Thai because not only does it gives me the confidence to protect myself, but it also empowers me mentally to be a better individual in life. I am glad that I choose Jeremy to help me with this path. He is patient, understanding and pr ofessional in whatever he is doing. Overall, I always have an impeccable experience in his lessons. Thank you Jeremy!"

“Keeping fit needs to be sustainable. Jeremy took time to understand my lifestyle and limitations, and customises my training plan; I cannot find reasons not to follow! 🙂 His coaching has helped me gain confidence and appreciate Muay Thai as I learn moves I never knew I could do. He watches every action and provides instant feedback to ensure I adopt the correct techniques. Every session is fun and a great workout! Thank you Jeremy!”

"Jeremy is a patient and humble trainer who is relentless in sharing his passion for Muay Thai. He is very observant and can articulate and demonstrate the technique clearly. As a Muay Thai newbie, it’s comfortable and motivating to train with him as I see myself progressing session by session.”

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