Muay Thai for Kids

(6-10 yrs)

Jai Muay Thai’s specialised curriculum for Kids not only guarantees quality instruction for your child, but also a very fun & enjoyable learning journey.

Having previously run Kids’ classes in Martial Arts academies, Coach Jeremy is very patient, attentive and jovial, making him a hit with the kids!
Learning is always best when it’s fun!

Why enrol your child in Muay Thai?

“Constantin has been training with Coach Jeremy for almost 1 and a half years now, and I believe he is one of the most experienced & committed coaches around. My son really enjoys the variety & challenges he put into the one-on-one sessions with him. Coach Jeremy is focused on making every session challenging (& somehow fun) especially with younger kids, where they tend to lose focus after a while. But thanks to Coach Jeremy , Constantin always looks forward to his weekly Saturday Muay Thai session. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone who’s interested in Muay Thai and trust he or she wld enjoy the training with Jeremy. Keep up the good work!”


Personal Training

(Senior Coach)

1 - ON - 1 SESSION

Single Session - $120

10 Session Pack - $110/Session

20 Session Pack - $100/Session

Personal training session


Single Session - $180

12 Session Pack - $150/Session

2 Pax

Enjoy your trial session at 50% off!

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